Neck Troubles

Posted by Marko on April 24, 2020 in Off Topic |

I have a love/hate relationship with my neck. For the last two months I’ve been experiencing a lot of neck pain. I switched to a memory foam pillow in hopes it would help keep my neck properly angled while sleeping. It ended up making the pain worse. I’ve been switching back and forth between that pillow and the other three I have on my bed. No luck. It doesn’t help that I’ve been writing a lot at work on a desk that is much too high. This resulted in my shoulder being elevated. What muscle does that bring to mind? If you said the levator scapula muscle, you are correct. Please direct your attention to the photo on the side.

I really think my whole right side is messed up. Months ago, way back in like August and September I noticed a giant adhesion (knot) forming on the right side of my upper back. I can’t tell if it’s in the rhomboid, trap or infraspinatus muscle on my scapula. Well anyway, I can feel it when I gently rest my hand on my shoulder and rotate it. Its about the size of a walnut, if not bigger. Through my exploration, I learned I also have a lot of crunchiness along my rhomboid muscles. Ew. I think the work I’ve been doing has been irritating my levator. The right side of my neck is tight and it feels like they’re pulling on my head giving me headaches. I hate that I know this. I hate that I know which muscles are giving me grief but can do so little about it.

I love my neck. It holds up my bowling ball sized head. I appreciate the muscles helping me look to my right and left. I’d be happier if it would stop hurting, just the right side! The left side is doing it’s job well and being pain-free.

Time to schedule a massage huh? Perhaps if they didn’t cost so much.

*The picture of the back shows where all my knots are that I’ve been able to find. They’re all on the right side, but because of the layers of muscles shown, I had to show some on the left. I’m more than willing to accept a deep tissue massage if you’d like to find the rest.*

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