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Over the last couple of weeks, Kirk and I have watched several documentaries about healthy eating. The first documentary we watched is called Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. It’s a documentary about an Australian named Joe that decided to go on a 60 day juice fast in order to improve his deteriorating health.

Throughout the 60 days, Joe travels around the U.S. spreading the word about what he’s doing and why. He inspires some people along the way, and they in turn follow a juice fast and share their journey throughout the documentary.

It’s an inspiring documentary, which led me to learn more about juicing and fasting. After doing my own research, I decided to try a juicing fast for myself.

I’m planning to try and stick with the juice fast for ten days.

What follows is a day-b-day account of my experience during the juice fast.

Day 1 :: I woke up this morning and made a cucumber, kale and apple juice. The taste was fine, but I sure miss my morning cup of coffee. I had a slight caffeine headache, but other than that I felt fine.

As the day progressed, I noticed a bad taste in my mouth. Sometimes it was metallic, other times it was just unpleasant. Oh, and my tongue was white. This persisted throughout the day and night.

I tossed and turned most of the night due to an aching in my legs and hips. I’m not sure if the aching was caused by caffeine withdrawal or toxins being released, but whatever the cause, it made for a long night.

Kirk decided to break the fast after the first day.

Day 2 :: Today was manageable, but I felt like I could have napped if I had the chance. My toddler refused to nap and kept climbing out of his crib, so a nap for me was out of the question.

The nasty taste in my mouth and white tongue continued throughout the day and night as well.

The headache and aching in my legs persisted throughout the day and moved to my lower back by evening.

I made a juice with a large beet in it for dinner and almost quit the fast right then. The juice was thick, looked like blood and tasted like dirt. I guess beet juice isn’t for me.

Somehow I choked it down and decided to try a green juice in the morning.

I went to bed early and slept fairly well.

Day 3 :: The green juice was much easier to tolerate. I would even go so far as to say it’s pretty good. A cucumber, two golden delicious apples, three stalks of celery, a few leaves of kale, a few handfuls of baby spinach, half a lemon (peeled) and an inch of ginger root.

I liked the green juice so well that I decided to stick with it for as long as I can. There is nothing more disappointing than taking a large volume of fresh organic produce, juicing it, and then discovering that the taste makes your stomach turn.

Aside from finding a tolerable juice, I still had some aching in my legs and back. The aching seemed to come and go throughout the day and it was always better when I was moving around. My head didn’t hurt today either.

My tongue was still white and the funky taste in my mouth seemed to come and go. I felt relatively decent in the energy department, but as I write this at 9:00pm, I feel like I could go to bed.

Overall, this was the easiest day yet.

Day 4 :: I woke up feeling groggy and hungry this morning. It’s the first time since the first day of the fast that I’ve felt hunger at all. I got my oldest off to school and came home to make a green juice.

After drinking the green juice the hunger subsided and other than a slight fog and headache, I felt okay the rest of the day.

The aching in my legs and back were completely gone and my tongue was half-way pink again. Maybe those nasty toxins are working their way out after all.

I had a busy evening, but made it through just fine.

Day 5 :: I woke up feeling good this morning. Finally! No headache, no fog, no aching, just “normal.”

This is the day I go into the office, so after whipping up a double batch of green lemonade, I was on my way.

It’s weird, but I don’t really miss eating all that much. In fact, it’s kind of a relief to not have to worry about what to eat at each meal. Sure, I still have to prepare juices for myself and meals for my family, but I don’t have to stress over whether what I’m eating is healthy, gluten-free, the right number of calories, etc., etc., etc.

It’s been kind of a nice break.

The weather was nice in Ohio today so I went for plenty of walks. Overall I felt really, really good all day.

Day 6 :: Ugh. Nausea, vomiting, headache. I guess I experienced a “healing crisis” today. I didn’t think I was all that toxic gong into this thing, but my body has a different opinion.

And I swear I haven’t been snacking on batteries and lead, but the taste in my mouth would certainly lead to that conclusion.

I wasn’t able to drink any juice at all until about 3:00 because I felt so sick to my stomach. In fact, even the thought of anything “green” would send me running for the bathroom.

When I finally made a juice I used only apples and green grapes. It was delicious.

It’s now the end of day six as I write this and I’m feeling way better than I did this morning. I still can’t stomach the thought of a green drink, but my head is out of the toilet and my stomach feels relatively settled.

I’m planning to break the fast tomorrow morning. I think my body did some great healing over the past six days (or at least it better have!), but I’m ready to transition into solid fruits and veggies for a few days and see if I feel any better.

I’ll let you know how it goes!

Day 7 :: This morning I ate a quarter of a cantaloupe to break the juice fast. I felt decent.

For lunch I had a couple of fresh pineapple slices and later in the afternoon I ate a pear. At dinnertime I had a small salad with black beans and fresh salsa.

It was nice eating again. Hopefully the juice fast cleaned up some of the toxins in my system.

My overall experience with juice fasting was good, but I haven’t had a green juice since I broke the fast. Kirk and I have decided to make raw, green leafy vegetables a part of our diets everyday.

As a nice aside, I lost eight pounds in total during the six day juice fast/detox. Since begininning to eat again, I’ve regained two of the eight pounds.

The one thing that disappointed me about the experience is that I never made it to the clear-headed euphoric state I’ve read so much about. Hopefully I can try it again in the future and make there.

If you’re considering a juice fast, make sure you check with your doctor first!

If you’ve tried a detox diet before, how did it go for you? Is my experience similar to yours or completely different?

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