Expectant parents often struggle for a long time when they are trying to choose the “perfect” name for the new baby. They might want a family name, a popular name from the “top ten” list or they might be sports lovers who would like to have a name that reflects the skills and strength of someone from the world of sports. There are many such names to choose from current sports and there are even more from sports stars of the past. The following selection of names will provide some names well known in a variety of sports and some that are, in some way, sports related.

Sports Related Name:

There are some names that have a relationship to sports that may have begun as names for someone who engaged in certain sports, had the name of a sport for a last name or even a first name. As you read the following sample, you will be able to see a relationship, although you might not want to choose one of these for the baby.

Archer: An archer was someone who used a bow and arrow for hunting or competition. The name is considered an English male name. There was a time when archery was used by the military but now it is used for sport. It has been heard as a last name, but rarely as a first name.

Chase: This English name is used for both genders and may also be a last name. It was originally a word used in hunting. During the 80s, the name was used most for boys but now Chase may be the given name for both boys and girls. There are a couple of soap opera actors with the name including Chase Sanders and chase Parker.

Darby: This is an English name for both genders. It comes from a place called Derby which means “deer village” and was the setting for a famous horse race. It came into user in the 70s for males and the 90s for girls. It could be heard today.

Fisher: “one who catchers fish” is the meaning of this male name. There is actually an actor named Fisher Stevens, but we might recognize the name of chess champion Bobby Fischer.

Race: We know what a race is, but the name actually comes from a French word meaning “clean shaven.” It could also be the nickname for Horace. There was an actor named Race Gentry, but there is also Race Bannon from the animated Johnny Quest.


Name of Memorable Athletes

Throughout history, there have been many famous athletes that most of us will know about along with the sports stars of today. Following is a sample of the names of famous athletes from several competitive venues. Keep in mind that many of our favorite athletes have the regular names but some have unique and distinctive names that might interest new parents.

Annika: This is a name that is derived from the name Anne and is a Swedish female name. The name has recently come into more frequent use even prior to the fame of golfer Annika Sorenstam.

Apollo: This male Greek name relates to a god for several things including medicine, music, art and a few others. Although the name isn’t used very much, many people will recognize the name of Apolo Anton Ono who is an Olympic speed skater and a winner on the reality television show called Dancing With the Stars.

Barry: This is a male name that has several origins both Gaelic and English. The name has been around for a long time. The height of the name’s popularity was in the mid 20th century. Currently, the most well known person with the name is the infamous baseball player Barry Bonds.

Cal: This male name can be a nickname for Calvin. However, there is a well known baseball player named Cal Ripken, Jr.

Casey: “Vigilant in war” is the meaning of this Gaelic name for both genders. There is history here with the name such as the poem Casey At The Bat, the railroad associated Casey Jones. Currently, the name is used about equally for boys and girls. Many of us recognize the baseball associated Casey Stengal. One will find numerous spellings of this name.

Chris: This is a Latin name derived from Christina or Christopher and is used for both genders often as a nickname. There are a number of ways of spelling the name such as Kris and Christy. There is a famous ice skater named Kristi Yamaguchi and a well known tennis star named Chris Evert Lloyd.

Dara: “Wisdom” is the meaning of this Hebrew female name. The name has been used in the later 20th century into the 21st century. Dara Torres, the swimmer, brought the name to the forefront.

David: Inserting this male name because of famous soccer star David Beckham.

Domenique: “Born on Sunday” is the meaning of this female French name. There is a famous gymnast named Dominique Dawes. There is a Spanish form of the name which is Dominga.

Drew: This could be a nickname for the male name Andrew. It is the name of the 21st century football quarterback Drew Breeze.

Elgin: This might be Gaelic male name which has been around for a very long time, but might be most familiar because of Elgin Baylor, basketball player.

Eli: This is the name of the famous 21st century football quarterback Eli Manning.

Evander: “Good man” is the meaning of this Greek male name. Greek legends have it that Evander was the name of a Trojan War survivor. The name is used very littler but there was a great boxer named Evander Holyfield.

Gale: This is a name for both genders. The male version can have meanings such as “light, or merry” and ”jail or jailor.” These meanings refer to the male name while the female name is derived from Abigail. The movie Brian’s Song was about football player Gale Sayers and Brian Piccolo.

Ivonne: “Yew tree” is the meaning of this French female name derived from the name Ivo. The name has been around for centuries. It is remembered, with a different spelling, for tennis player Evonne Goolagong who was from Australia.

Jerry: One will hear this name used for both boys and girls and could be derived from Gerald, Jeremy, Jerome or Geraldine. The name has been used throughout the 20th century although males may have the name more frequently. Some well known people with the name or a different spelling of the name include Gerrie Cortezee, a boxer, Jerry Bailey, a jockey, and Jerry Rice and Jerome Bettis who are both football players.

Jesse: “God is or “God exists” is the meaning of this Hebrew name for both boys and girls. For girls, it may be a nickname for Jessica. Jesse Owens, the Olympic track star may be one of the most famous people with this name. Currently, more males than females have this name.

Kip: This is a male name which means “a pointed hill,” “a cliff,” or “chicken.” The various meanings depend on the country of origin. It was a name that had some use during the middle of the 20th century. Kip Carpenter was a speed skater.

Lance: This is an English male name that means “land.” Although the name is derived from Lancelot, that fancy name is not typically used. The later 20th century saw some use of the name Lance because of famous cyclist Lance Armstrong who is also a cancer survivor.

Lennox: “Place with elm trees” is the meaning of this male Gaelic name. There is a famous boxer called Lennox Lewis.

Mario: This male name has either Latin or Spanish origins, is derived from Marius and means “belonging to Mars” who was the God of war. We know the names of Mario Puzo who wrote The Godfather. There is also race car driver Mario Andretti and the famous hockey player Mario Lemieux.

Martina: “Belonging to Mars, god of war” is the meaning of this Latin female name which is derived from the male name Martin. It has never been the most popular name but there have been two well known female tennis stars with the name. They are Martina Navratilova and Martina Hingis.

Mia: This female name is derived from Mary and could refer to “my own.” There has been a fairly recent interest in the use of this name probably because of soccer star Mia Hamm. There is also a well known actress named Mia Farrow. There may be some spelling variations such as Miah or Myah.

550_101927572Pele: There once was a man named Edson. This man eventually became the famous soccer star known as Pele. The real origin of the name is not known.

Peyton: This is a rather popular name at this time. It may be a last name or a first name. There was a famous football player named Walter Peyton and there is a current football quarterback named Peyton Manning (brother of quarterback Eli Manning). One can also hear about girls with the name Peyton.

Picabo: When one hears this female name, it can make one question if they heard the name correctly. This is a Shoshone name that skier Picabo Street chose for herself when she was three years old. This name is one that gets remembered.

Reginald: “Force or power” is the Germanic meaning of this French male name. This name was available way back in the Middle Ages but dropped out of use until the mid 19th century and was used into the middle of the 20th century. Reggie would be a nickname for this and also for the female name Regina. There are several people in sports with the name Reggie including football player, Reggie White and baseball player Reggie Jackson.

Serena: “Calm or serene” is the meaning of this Latin female name. The name has been available since the 18th century, decreased in use and began to be used again in the 60s. We recognize the famous tennis star Serena Williams.

Shaquille: “Handsome” is the meaning of this male Arabic name. It might be spelled Shakil. We probably think immediately of basketball star Shaquille O’Neal when we hear this name which was used at times in the 90s.

Sonny: We might think of this male name as something we call our sons. However, there was a famous boxer named Sonny Liston and the entertainer/congressmen named Sony Bono.

Terrell: “One who pulls” is the meaning of this male French name. This name began to see use toward the end of the 20th century possibly related to football player Terrell Davis. Currently, there is a football player named Terrell Owens.

Tiger: This is an English male name that might get attached to an aggressive, strong person. Most people know the name of Tiger Woods (golfer) who was given the name in honor of a friend of his father who was called Tiger. Some folks might choose to give the name to a baby.

Tyson: “Firebrand” is the meaning of this French male name. The name came into use in the 70s prior to the fame of boxer Mike Tyson. There is also a famous actress named Cecily Tyson. Although this is a last name and there is a brand name Tyson chicken, it can be used for a first name.

Venus: “Goddess of love” is the meaning of this female Latin name. The name is really not used very much except there is a well known tennis star named Venus Williams (sister of Serena Williams).

Wilma: This name is derived from Wilhelmina, a German female name. It was used mostly during the early 20th century. It may be remembered because of track star Wilma Rudolph who was also a polio survivor.

The previous article has been addressed to expectant parents who are interested in giving the new baby a name that indicates talent and strength in the sports fields. This has provided only a selection. There are many sports with many names that might be great for the new baby. It can be a great adventure to go on the baby name choosing journey.

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